SC 260L

High power and speed of the spindle motor

Unsurpassed operation-easy and reliability

  • Spindle motor power...AC 22 KW

  • Spindle speed...20 - 4600 min-1 (option 6000min-1)
  • All the controls placed on the front control panel.

  • Separate systems for slideway and ball screw lubrication.

  • Completely enclosed electrical controller cabinet.

Fully automatic NC tailstock

TOOL EYE to reduce tool setup time

  • Enables complex turning operations

  • One-touch tool setting

  • Tool wear compensation

  • Tool breakage detection

Unsurpassed operation-easy and reliability

Turrets to meet wide tool requirements

  • All the controls placed on the front control panel.

  • Separate systems for slide way and ball screw lubrication.

  • Completely enclosed electrical controller cabinet.
  • 8-position octagonal drum turret (standard)

  • 12-position dodecagonal drum turret (option)

  • Short indexing time...0,8 s/step; 2,5 s/full step
Tool setting completed by a single touch Designed for high-precision machining
  • Tool setting is done by a single touch of the built-in measuring unit sensor.

  • Automatic tool wear compensation and tool breakage detection enabled.
  • Positional accuracy

X - axis 0,008/100 mm; Z - axis 0,013/300 mm.

  • Repetitional accuracy

X - axis 0,002 mm; Z - axis 0,003 mm.

More options for unmanned operation Simplified and extremely fast NC programming
  • Bar feed system and auto parts catcher.

  • Robot system FLEX-1
AC 22 kW Spindle bore 56 mm
20 - 4600 min-1 Standard chuck dia. 210 mm

Max. swing

440 mm

Std. cutting dia. / Max. cutting dia.

150 mm/ 260 mm

Cutting length

507 mm

Spindle nose / spindle bore dia.

A-6/ 56 mm

Spindle speed

20 - 4600 rpm

Turret type / Number of tools

octagonal drum turrett/8 tools

Index coupling dia. / clamping force

210 mm/35000 N

Stroke of turret

X - axis 155 mm, Z - axis 540 mm

Rapid feed

X - axis 15 m/min, Z - axis 20 m/min

Bed slide width

345 mm

Cross slide width

255 mm

Tailstock control

programmable full automatic

Tailstock quill dia. / center

80 mm/MK4

Stroke of tailstock quill / body

130 mm/550 mm

Main motor (cont. / 30 min. rating)

22/27,5 kW

Overall electrical capacity

31 kVA

Machine weight

3400 kg

Dimensions : length/ width/ height


CNC Programming

  • programming language DIN 66025

  • menu programming

  • contour programming

  • cycles for turning

  • graphical cycle support


  • program execution via external DNC

  • CNC user memory 256 KB

  • length / radius compensation

Tool offsets

  • 32 tools

  • 64 offsets

  • automatic tool length measurement

Axis / Spindle functions

  • max. velocity of X and Z - axis 100.000 mm/min

  • spindle speed (programmable) max. 999.999 rpm

  • linear/circular interpolation

Data transmission

  • RS232C serial interface

  • profibus

Hydraulic through hole chuck

0210 mm (with 1 set of soft jaws)

Measuring tool system

convenient tool set-up, tool wear measurement, and broken tool detection

Coolant system (with 320 W pump)

190 liter tank capacity for universal

Lighting equipment

work light and electrical cabinet maintenance light

Safe and clean working environment

front cover totally encloses machining area

Adjusting tool

parts list

One set of manuals

programming / operation /maintenance

Tooling package

differs by turret type

Door interlock

door open/close is confirmed by sensor and interlocked for automatic operation

Hydraulic pressure interlock

in case of low hydraulic pressure spindle rotation and axis movement will stop




High spindle speed 20-6000 rpm

12-position drum turret


Automatic door close/open


Machining completion indicator light


Chuck air blast


High - power coolant system  

Chip conveyor


Floor Space

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